“Relog holds ambitious plans in the realm of sustainability and renewable energy, prioritizing solar power, energy storage using batteries, incorporating thermal power into our energy mix, utilizing flexible loads, and integrating heavy truck chargers to electrify our logistics. To seamlessly optimize these assets in our daily operations, we’ve trailed WattScout’s ‘Connected Prosumer’. This product employs AI-driven forecasting and advanced optimization algorithms, ensuring a comprehensive optimization across all energy assets, spanning both thermal and electric. Through rigorous testing over the delivery period, ‘Connected Prosumer’ has consistently demonstrated its exceptional capability in daily optimization of our diverse energy assets. As a result, we’ve integrated ‘Connected Prosumer’ into our 24/7 operations. Our journey with the solution has been rewarding, resulting in significant energy and associated cost savings.”

Sven Myrdahl Opalic CEO
Head of Energy Technology and Innovation

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