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We work towards an energy
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Powering a sustainable future

WattScout was founded in 2022 by industry veterans with decades of experience in advanced software for the energy market. The company has been a pioneer in delivering critical systems to energy exchanges and companies globally.


We aim to create a world where energy optimization is seamlessly integrated into everyday practices


Our mission is to help businesses cut energy costs, increase profitability, and maximize their impact on sustainability


Enable businesses to leverage available energy markets to their advantage and capitalize on their energy resources

our goal

Sustainable & profitable energy landscape

Optimize the utilization within energy markets

Better utilization of energy resources

Secure more flexible load management

Maximize the potential for new production

our mission

Unlock the full potential of renewable energy

To avert an energy crises, we need to acquire new sustainable energy production and reduce energy consumption by improving energy efficiency and adopt renewable energy sources. We address important challenges in contribution to a greener future:

Supply security, rising energy prices and increasing concerns over emissions related to energy use and production. To avert energy crises, we need to acquire new sustainable energy production and reduction in energy consumption
Growing importance of the electrification in the heavy transportation sector provoke the needs for infrastructure development and heavy transport electric chargers, better utilization of energy resources and optimize the utilization within energy markets, and maximize the potential for new production.

Buildings are responsible for 40% of global energy consumption and 33% of greenhouse gas emissions. The key efforts to tackle climate change will be by ensuring new buildings are sustainable and energy-efficient

our team

Solid foundation of experience & knowledge

Our team is an assembly of system architects, AI experts, and senior software developers, is armed with a deep understanding of energy optimization techniques, market dynamics, and emerging technologies.


Susann Kjellin Eriksen

Product Manager

Mark Fisher


Roy Einar Angell


Knut Johansen


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