Providing innovative software solutions

Achieve a more sustainable and
profitable energy landscape

OUR aim

Commitment to a greener future

We enable businesses to leverage available energy markets to their advantage and contribute to:

Lower energy cost

Increased profitability

Reduced emissions

connected prosumer

Holistic energy optimization system

We provide companies with strategic insights into energy 

markets, allowing them to make informed decisions

Data analysing

Collecting and analysing data from multiple buildings within a portfolio to provide valuable insights

Optimalization strategies

Offer actionable recommendations and strategies to optimize energy consumption and improve overall building performance

Decision making

Making informed decisions to drive efficiency and sustainability in their energy management practices by accessing data insights

We empower our customers to unlock the full potential of their energy resources, by integrating advanced analytics, real-time monitoring, and market insights

Key features

The power of data-driven decision-making

Our solution enables centralized monitoring, analysis, and control that can be deployed across diverse building portfolios and provide scalability and efficiency through holistic optimization of energy usage

Improves the overview of the consumption and production in your energy system

Uses AI to predict future consumption, production and available flexibility

Optimize energy consumption and production across all available energy assets

Charging infrastructure for electric trucks is included in the optimization

Generates operational plans for the next 2 days


Simplifying trading operations

We offer a comprehensive software solution that streamlines your portfolio management processes and handles multiple markets, exchanges, clearing houses and brokers

Trading lifecycle

The platform handles the full product lifecycle, from capturing market prices to trade execution, delivery, and trade settlement

Optimize strategies

Our reporting capabilities enable you to make informed decisions and optimize your trading strategies

Do you want to unlock the full potential of your energy resources?

Trade Capture

Portfolio Management

Full product lifecycle management

Product/Market Price Capture

Clearing and Reconciliation

P& L Reporting

Alerts for business-defined limits and events.

Full Security and Permission handling

Fully Audited data capture and audit trail

Data hub for trade data

Trusted customers

We empower our customers to unlock the full potential
of their energy resources

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